Why Competition in Communication Provider is Important

In any part of the world, it is encouraged to have more than one communication providers for the general public. Although it is only usually reserved to the big companies, we are now seeing smaller, independent players who are making their own legacy in this industry.

Competition is a huge reason why we are enjoying competitive rates right now and great services from different providers. Since we have the power to choose, companies are forced to make sure that they are delivering the best services as compared to the other companies.

Reasons why Competition Matters

  • Cheap Rates.

Because of competition, we can now afford longer airtime, and more data for our mobile internet. It used to be very expensive but because there are more options now, companies are trying their best to still capture their market by lowering their rates as compared to others.

  • Competition Favors The Consumer’s Side

Monopoly in an industry means that the control is on the side of the businessman. But when there is competition, it brings the power back to the customers. We have a say on what is fair and not. We can enjoy the freedom of lebara opwaarderen. On the other hand, the communication industry will also gain from this. Since the services are more affordable, more consumers can afford to avail their services. It’s going to be a mutual relationship. Competitions in an industry are not all bad if we look at it on a larger scale.

  • Better Options.

    Since we are no longer stuck with just one provider, we can now choose not only based on our budget, but also based on the services and functionalities that we will be enjoying. This is very important because options will allow us to enjoy the best product and services out there.

  • More Innovative Services.

    Companies nowadays keep on working hard to be able to introduce new features for the benefit of the public. They do not just offer the simple communication packages. Most of them think of other strategies to ensure that they will get a significant market share. Some give freebies while other sponsor huge events for their target audience.

  • Improving Customer Service.

    Gone are the days that you will have to suffer from bad service for a long time. Now, with all the other competitors, companies are also focusing on their customer service so even those customers who have a problem will definitely stay with their plan. By doing so, they are ensuring that their aftersales are taken cared of.

  • It Builds Loyal Fans.

    It’s not all about the sale, but also about building a solid community who will follow your products from start to finish. Loyal fans are not just your number 1 customers. They are also your best sales people because their recommendations mean a lot especially to their immediate contacts.