Is Regulation Abridging Freedom of Speech

There had been several talks about how regulating the industry is a form of curtailing freedom of speech. In this article, we’ll discuss why regulation is necessary and does not prevent any freedom of speech of anyone, but more importantly prevents people from abusing their position of power to take advantage of the unsuspecting public.

Your Rights End When You Step on Others

This is a very important concept because this is what we do. We are making sure that no one is abridging the right of others. By putting limits on what corporations can do, we are making sure that they are not abusing the public who can’t do anything about the major topics that they are concerned about.

For example, our power includes revoking any permission that was granted to them once we find enough evidence of abuse. This is an important penalty mechanism for us because it allows us to have a powerful stick to threaten those who might be thinking that we are just a regulatory body in paper.

The Process

We have an exhaustive process before we get into a decision. We don’t like to rush things as normally; it would lead to problematic decisions. It is very important for us that there is a due process for everyone because as protectors, we should not be the one creating more damage.

Our first approach as always been wait for a complaint. And then once we receive it, we’ll notify both parties that we’ll conduct investigation. Both parties will be asked for pertinent information in the hope that they will aid our investigation. After that, we’ll align all our information gathered for our investigative body to make a decision regarding this matter.

Once we have a decision, we’ll inform both parties by writing and through a call. The offending party will be given a month to respond, and to file for appeal. We’ll process the appeal first and if a new decision is made, we’ll inform both parties again until we reach a final decision that is both accepted by parties or the regulatory body deems final.