How do we file a complaint?

There are three options to file a complaint. The first one is through a phone call. Our team will then verify your call before proceeding to investigation. The next one is through email, that will also require verification process. The last one is to personally file the complaint in our office. In this way, you will be assisted right away.

How long do you process a complaint?

The verification process is the longest because we have to make sure that your complaint is valid and with enough substance to back it up. After that, the determination of fault will take at least two to three months before the body will come up with an enforceable decision for both parties.

Is there a fee to file one?

No, we do not collect fees when you file a complaint. If ever someone asked you to pay anything, please report it right away in our office. Our services are free for the public and you will not spend a single penny throughout the duration of processing your complaint.

Do we need to provide our own legal team?

No, there’s no need to provide your own legal team because we already have one. They will support you from the moment your complaint has been verified up until if you need to appeal a decision. In this way, we’ll make sure that you will get experts in the field who will increase the chances of you winning the case.

What happens if we win in our case?

If you win the case, you will have to wait for the appeal period to lapse or for the appeal to be processed and the decision is tagged as final and irrevocable. Then you will be entitled to whatever awarded damages set by the judge or by the body. You will also need to be a part of the documentation of the whole case filing.

What happens if we lose in our case?

If the decision is not favorable to you, then you can appeal the decision within a month of receiving the physical copy of the decision. If you choose to appeal, our team will be there to help you out with the process. If you choose to not appeal, then the decision will be enforced and will be final.