Our thrust is simple. We want to protect consumers from any possible issue arising from the electronic communications sector. We make sure that their services, and products are of quality, and according to the standard we have set in order to provide real and beneficial services to the public.

Nowadays, it is prevalent that corporations do not follow the guidelines they set in order for them to earn more instead of providing quality services. That’s why we are working round the clock in order to make sure that strict regulations are followed to benefit the general public.

Our Mission has always been to put Public Benefit First

We are not anti-corporation. We do not make it difficult for businesses to earn. What we do is we level the playing field. Businesses should always deliver on the promises they made. At the same time, the public deserves only the best service that they could get because they pay for it.

This extra level of regulation is needed nowadays to avoid those companies that will pop out just because of the possible earnings. The electronic communications field is vast and there are many opportunities that one can venture into. That’s why without proper regulation, the general public is vulnerable.

Encouraging Innovation

As a regulatory body, we are not only limiting businesses in what they can do. As a matter of fact, we do the opposite. We encourage them to innovate and reach their potential. We encourage them to think of other ways in order to broaden their services and to reach more audience with whatever services they are offering.

This is very important because when a company innovates its services and processes, the general public reaps the benefits. They are the ones who experience the advantage of finally having an opportunity to enjoy services and products that are of high quality.

Fostering Competition

And we achieve that through encouraging and fostering competition between companies. We make sure that there are different players in the field to ensure that they will always keep on innovating and improving their services. Competition is a great way for businesses to improve their services for their clients.

Also, by encouraging competition, we are preventing monopoly that can kill the market. We don’t want that to happen because when there’s only one who dominates the field, then there’s little incentive to do better and to think of new ways to improve their products and services to the public.

We’ll work harder

We promise to remain steadfast on our call. It is our vocation, and also our passion. We will continuously do our job because it is our responsibility to the public. And we will not waste the trust and the rare opportunity to serve the public to go to waste.

In fulfilling our duties to the public, we will be keeping an open communication to every stakeholder so you know what is happening in the field. By making sure that everyone is informed, it will lead to a better cooperation between companies, us, and the general public.